Interval walking – Walk the pain away

kybun’s new interval walking, run by experts, is the most gentle yet most intensive training for the body. It is suitable for all ages. This new way of exercising are particularly recommended for people with limited physical activity due to movement pain.

After a one-time introductory session, you can perform kybun interval walking training alone or in a group without any problems. The level of training intensity and length is customised to individual physical abilities and expectations. This new training method that is suitable for everyone and makes exercise enjoyable again. It soothes back, knee and foot pain.


Relieve pain by walking

kybun interval walking sees you switch between two different phases every 15 seconds. The intensive phase stimulates the cardiovascular system and relaxes the muscles. During the regenerative phase, participants walk very slowly while maintaining balance, allowing their pulse rate to recover in the process. This also stimulates and trains the deep inner muscles. The kybun experts optimise the participant’s exercise session and explain the medical science behind this method of training. This allows most people to soothe the pain they have when walking and makes it possible for them to gently run again. The length and intensity of the workout can be customised according to fitness and requirements.


Small input for huge benefits

kybun interval walking improves both strength and stamina thanks to the two different training phases. This also increases the productivity of the cardiovascular system. This in turn reduces the risk of heart attacks and internal diseases such as high blood pressure. Training the deep inner muscles in the legs and feet increases stability and improves balance. As a result, kybun interval walking reduces the risk of falling. You can concentrate more on the regenerative or intensive part, depending on your own individual goal. This way, you can switch the focus back and forth between relaxation/endurance and strengthening.


Corrects poor posture

The soft, springy soles of kyBoot shoes can correct relieving and poor postures. Movement pains are also relieved by soothing the joints and relaxing the back. This improves joint circulation and mobility and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and tendons and accelerates the removal of cells that have been destroyed by injury and infection.

Float: Intensive part (15 Sec.)
Walk: Regeneration part (15 Sec.)