Orthopaedic pillows (by SAMINA)

Take advantage of our partnership with SAMINA, the experts in healthy sleeping, and learn about the orthopaedic pillows that facilitate a good night’s rest.

The orthopaedic pillow is crucial for the optimal regeneration of a sensitive cervical spine. The perfect pillow needs to fulfil many different requirements. In collaboration with specialists and experts, SAMINA has created a range of pillows that meet a very wide range of requirements for facilitating healthy sleep. The key benefits of the pillow are its design, the range of sizes, the natural materials that are used as well as the various stuffing materials, from sheep’s wool and spelt through to millet and pinewood shavings.

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Make sure you try out the pillow before making a purchase

kybun and SAMINA are committed not only to the quality of their products but also to providing excellent advice. We therefore insist that our customers try out the pillow before purchasing it. The best way to test the pillow is by starting out on your back. The shoulders should not rest on the pillow. Instead, the top of the shoulders should just about come in contact with the pillow. If two folds arise around the throat area, the pillow is too high. The appropriate pillow height depends on your body weight and neck lordosis. Make sure you spend enough time lying in this position. Then turn to your left side and then to your right. Make sure that your spine is absolutely straight and that your ears and cheeks feel soft against the pillow when you are lying on your side.